Google’s Android 10 released officially

Google has released the 10thmajor update for the Android platform. Formely known as Android Q, the Android 10 has been rolled out for Pixel smartphones. This new version of the mobile operagting system supports a lot many utility features along with new technologies such as foldable devices and 5G. Google also claims to give greater protection, transparency and control over the data.

There are many features that Android 10 offers and have been creating a buzz for a while now. However, some of the features are different from the ones offered before. There is smart reply which suggests actions. With the help of this feature, no copying or pasting will be required. It will automatically open the link to anything across all messaging apps. The new Android 10 also lets user enable the dark theme for the entire phone or even specific apps. This is a very talked about feature and this is aimed at helping with battery. Another highly talked about feature of Android 10 is its gesture navigation which lets users move between tasks with simple gestures. Besides this Android 10 gives users Live Caption which will automatically caption videos, audio in any app.

Android 10 will put user in control of privacy and security features. Users can choose to only share location data with apps while they’re using them. Not just this, with Android 10, users will also receive reminders when an app that they are not actively using is accessing their location, so they can decide whether or not to continue sharing. Also, controls like Web & App Activity and Ad Settings are in one place. With Android 10, users will receive system updates from Google Play just like apps update.

Android 10 provides control over notifications too. When a notification will be marked as “Silent” and it won’t make noise or appear on your lockscreen. Also, rules like daily screen time limits, device bedtime, time limits on apps can now be set. It also has a Focus mode onboard where distracting apps can be silenced along with many other features.

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